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Knowing And Know-It-Alls - Fidelity To Truth In 1st John

John's audience, like we are today, was being overwhelmed by know-it-alls. These arrogant folks mistreated others and denied basic tenets of the gospel based on godless philosophies and reasons. In this lesson, we see how John reassured the brethren about what they knew that was true and how they knew they should treat one another. 

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He Taught Them Not To Be Judgmental

Matthew 7, verses 1-12, can be summed up as living with a generous spirit, just as God does for us. The teaching about this kind of life concludes with the “Golden Rule.” The golden rule can never be followed, can never really be applied to our lives, while we give off a judgmental attitude to those around us. In this lesson, we consider Jesus' saying, "Judge not, that you be not judged."

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Five Fundamental Questions

The answers that we give to fundamental questions, and the assumptions behind them, shape our whole view of life and purpose. In this study, we examine how Christianity and the secular views answer these questions in very different ways. 

   Where Did I From? 
   Why Is The World So Messed Up?  
   Is There A Way Out?
   What Is My Purpose?
   How Do I Know What’s True?

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