Five Fundamental Questions

The answers that we give to fundamental questions, and the assumptions behind them, shape our whole view of life and purpose. In this study, we examine how Christianity and the secular views answer these questions in very different ways. 

   Where Did I From? 
   Why Is The World So Messed Up?  
   Is There A Way Out?
   What Is My Purpose?
   How Do I Know What’s True?

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He Taught Them - To Take The Law Seriously - About Our Attitude Toward Others

In the second half of Matthew 5, as the Sermon on the Mount continues, Jesus tells His disciples very plainly that they must take the law of God seriously. It doesn't matter who teaches you how to get around it, or how they teach you to get around it, you aren't to get around it. And further, you are to apply it to a high standard. While the commandment said, "Thou Shalt Not Kill," Jesus says that not killing a brother isn't enough. You aren't to oppress, demean or insult him. Rather, you are to take the initiative to make peace. 

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