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Romans 16 - Beloved Brethren

This chapter full of connections — mentioning the shared faith and experience of 34 different people and groups — is the spiritual equivalent of the “______ begat _______” of the Old Testament. The “begat” chapters told of the physical and family connections of a physical covenant. The shared faith relationships of a spiritual covenant tell the same type of study.

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All Are Sick, Or All Have Sinned - A Short Sermon

Today many sins, especially those that have behaviors that can be called “addictive,” have been redefined as a diseases, sicknesses. While acknowledging that the “disease model” of treatment can help people mitigate or cease their sins, we must acknowledge they scripture tells of a moral responsibility to behavior, and the great need for the gospel is that “all have sinned,” not “all are sick.”

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1 Cor. 15 - Of All Men Most Miserable

Part of the apostle Paul’s argument against those who denied the resurrection was to tell of some the horrible consequences if it were not coming. And then, he says that he and those working with him had so sold our their lives and suffered so much for the hope that it brought, that were the saddest of all sad-sacks if it weren’t coming. 

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Romans 12 - The Just Shall Live By Faith (1)

As the book of Romans began, the apostle Paul said that he was not ashamed of the gospel, for it was God’s saving power for us, and the result would be that the just shall live by faith. In Romans 12 we begin to see what that looks like as we make ourselves a living sacrifice and apply a new type of ethic — one of love for others and trust in God to our lives. 

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