“Fired Up” Hos. 7:4-8

Hosea described those zealous for evil.  Their hearts were very passionate toward their idolatries.  They are as heated up and excited about these things as can be.  They are compared to bread in a baker’s oven.  They are burning to be involved. But what are they involved in? Anger, plotting, and consuming desires that destroy.    

Hosea’s indictment:  1.)  The used artificial devices to keep their passions up. (vs. 5)  Hosea speaks of those who fire themselves up with wine.  

2.)  They consumed others in their excited state. (vs. 7)  Here were people that plotted against, mulled over, and then burst out like flames against their rulers. They nursed their grudges until their anger overcame their fear of acting (vs. 6).  Its a dangerous thing to be to hot for too long. Paul said, “let not the sun go down upon your wrath,” (Eph. 4:26). The wrath of these never stopped. 

3.)  They ended up half baked. (vs. 8)  They were “a cake not turned.”  They were raw on one side and burned on the other.  There is a time and place for all parts of life (Eccl. 3). There is both weeping and rejoicing, joy and gladness, and repentance and lamenting.  The sinful life is an extremely unbalanced life.

In vs. 7 God lamented,  “None of them calls on Me.”  Those who get to fired up about their own feelings and desires and wants don’t care to much about God.  You can put God first, or you can put yourself first.  You can fire up your faith or your lusts.  It all depends on where you put your emphasis.