Are You Living Up To The Vision?

Many of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the church are of the “all is right with the world” variety. Prophecies of “lions laying with lambs,” “the exile is set free” and “the sun will not beat down on them” are familiar and common.  

Zephaniah adds to this a wonderful vision describing the repentant and converted under the new system. The prophet does not see the establishment of a physical, conquering kingdom, as so many mistakenly read many prophecies. But He sees a grand vision of pure, moral and spiritually minded saints.

READ ZEPHANIAH 3:9-12 and see the what he saw as coming:

“Purified Lips” (vs. 9)  
“Serve Him Shoulder To Shoulder” (vs. 9) 
“Feel No Shame Because of Your Deeds” (vs. 11) 
“Never Again Be Haughty” (vs. 11) 
“They Will Take Refuge In The Name Of The Lord” (vs. 12) 
“Do No Wrong, Tell No Lies” (vs. 13)  
Result: “Secure and Well Pastured” (vs. 13) 

Does this wonderful vision describe you and the Christians you know? If not, why not? It is a predictive prophecy; does prophecy fail? Or are we failing prophecy? Are we really, fully living up to our calling?