Jesus Walked On The Ice?

“Jesus may not have walked on water as the Bible claims but rather skated on ice formed through a freak cold spell, a scientific study has suggested.”  (BBC News, “Did Jesus walk on water - or ice?” April 5, 2006, 

A few years ago, in a silly attempt to give a naturalistic explanation for a miracle, a professor at Florida State made news by “seriously” proposing that Jesus’ miracle of walking on the water was really just Him shuffling along on ice. The professor made got lots of press with this for a few weeks. 

Many “scientific,” “rational,” cynical, and skeptical men look down on people who still take their faith seriously enough to believe in miracles.  They view believers as gullible simpletons of the same type as those who fear or use magic spells and witch doctors. Yet it is the folly of unbelief that leads men to the acceptance of truly fantastical things.

What would it say about Jesus’ moral judgment if He chastised Peter for lack of faith when he merely fell off the ice?  (How well would you do walking on ice at night in a storm?)  And what would it say about the character of Jesus if He accepted worship as the Son of God on the basis of being able to walk on water and calm the storm when He really just skated out to the boat?  

The “scientific” explanation removes the stumbling block of the miracle for the skeptic, but it attacks the credibility and character of Jesus and the inspiration of the scriptures. The folly rationalists is apparent even as they look down on us for believing in miracles.