He Served God In His Own Generation

Acts 13:35-27“Therefore He also says in another Psalm, 'THOU WILT NOT ALLOW THY HOLY ONE TO UNDERGO DECAY.'
36For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers, and underwent decay;
37but He whom God raised did not undergo decay.”

What a marvelous epitaph that would be for any of us, that we “served God in our own generation.” While we know that Christian duty and faithfulness is an unchanging standard, we recognize that each generation faces unique challenges and problems that test our faithfulness and devotion to God.  

The only thing that will guarantee our faithfulness in the future is faithfulness day by day until we get to and through it. Standing firm on the troubles of today does not necessarily mean that we will stand firm on the troubles of tomorrow. 

If we are to attain to the stature of David, that we “serve the purpose of God in [our] own generation,” we must be faithful to the end.  The old king faced much different temptations after 40 years in the royal palace than he did when hiding in desert caves from Saul as the anointed, though as yet uncrowned king. But David stayed faithful through each transition, or repented and was restored when he did not. Let us recognize that times change, new issues come, and troubles shift as the years roll by. And, like David, let us always have the humble mind to repent when, through the tides of time, we inadvertently drift off course.