A Law Is Given

In Exodus 20 an amazing thing begins to occur. God given as law to His people. Not just a few pointers (like make sure you worship me and remember that I’m your God—although that is in there), but a systematic set of regulations that cover religious duties (sacrifices, priests, worship, a tabernacle, etc.) moral and ethical considerations (treatment of—and attitudes—towards family, neighbors, employees, foreigners, business dealings etc.) and all manner of other things that might not normally seem to men as as things worthy of divine consideration such dietary restrictions, disease control, hygiene issues. 

But on the whole, this system of laws so far beyond the other legal systems at the time, and so universally beneficial and helpful for those that followed out that many can’t grasp that it was given for only one nation, and only until Christ came. But it was. For its greatest purpose was to bring people to Christ. The law itself said as much in Deut. 1:18,19. 

Many have taken the precepts and principles of this law and applied them to all many of social interactions and even health crises (like the plague of leprosy in western Europe of the 11th century, or the practice of washing one’s hands after touching unclean things or before meals) to the benefit of all involved. The law of Moses has helpful and healthful benefits on every page, but that was not its main purpose.

The New Testament clearly states that the Law of Moses was a “tutor to lead us to Christ.” (Gal. 3:34). While acknowledging the myriads of good in the Law, let us always remember to put the main one first.