Lost But Saved

This past week [Nov. 2013], many in the brotherhood have followed the travails of the Smelser family as one of their sons, Adam aged 25, was lost by accidental drowning while swimming in a river in Kentucky. He drowned on Sunday and his body was found by local authorities Thursday after days of diligent search. Some observations:

The good in social media. The prayers and concern that brethren were able to show and share in with a family in Pennsylvania concerning a son in Kentucky were greatly helped by the connections that we are able to maintain electronically. The smart phones, tablets and computers that instantly present to us all the information in the world are great and powerful tools for either good or evil. Let us use them for good, prayers and brotherly love as they were used this week. 

The dependability of a truly faithful persons habits. Within hours of Adam’s disappearance, days before the authorities found and identified his body, his family and friends the knew in their hearts that it was him. They knew by the location of his truck and his personal effects and by the fact that he was not a church that Sunday evening. He simply didn’t miss any church services. When he missed an evening assembly without cause, the best explanation for it was that he was dead. 

The difference in heavenly and earthly perspective. For the four days Adam was missing to us, Jesus had him all along. We searched for him diligently since he was lost, but in reality he was already fully saved.

If we had such concern for the spiritually lost as the physically lost. The authorities searched for Adam so long and hard that his father told them to go home and rest the day before he was found. Those who recognize the values of lost souls should seek the lost with such devotion.