Psalm 5 Refuge Found In Worship And Prayer

In the fifth Psalm we find David again beset by many enemies. We often have the false notion that if we strive to be good and do what is right that most people will like us, or that at a minimum we will mostly be left alone.  But David’s experience does not bear this out. Certainly he was opposed because he was the king and all who have power will have opposition. But his troubles were more than simply political opposition. 

As the “anointed of God,” (2 Sam. 23:1) he was a constant public example and the living embodiment of service to God.  He was fiercely opposed for being a light in a dark world. Many have lost their faith because of this type of continual antagonism. Others have fallen into the temptation to sink to the ungodly tactics of their opponents once hostilities have begun.  But David shows the true way - reliance on God through prayer. 

David knew that these blessings were not for him alone. All who have the same faith can take refuge, be glad, sing for joy, find shelter and exalt in the Lord. Where did David find Him? In prayer and in worship. Love and fidelity to the great Creator are the right response when we consider His love toward us. But we are influenced daily by the evil world that surrounds us so that we don’t realize that the Invisible God is also present. The difference between David and his enemies – between the faithful and the unfaithful – came down to one walking by faith and the other walking by sight according the course of this world.  

How do you walk? Or maybe we should rather ask, how do you worship?And how do you pray?