A Wonderful Story Of God’s People Doing As They Should 2 Chron. 20

In the days of Jehoshaphat, Judah was throated by a great horde of three countries from the east combining to invade. Jehoshaphat was afraid. Fear in similar situations has caused many godly people to do evil.  His father Asa turned to a foreign alliance when he faced less of a threat that this. (2 Chron. 16)  But Jehoshaphat sought the Lord. (16 times “seek, seeking or sought the LORD (Jehovah)” appears in 1 & 2 Chron.) He called the people of Judah to fast as they sought the Lord. They assembled in the Temple courtyard and the king led in prayer.

Jehoshaphat’s prayer acknowledged the sovereignty of God, His help in making them a nation, and that trouble should not come upon God’s people so long as they humbled themselves before God. So in faith, they asked for God’s help. A prophet stood up and said that God would fight their enemies for them. They were to go out as to battle on a mountain overlooking a plain and wait there to see the victory of the Lord. The people bowed in worship and loudly praised God.  

Led the priests and singers, they went out where God had told them. They watched as the combined armies broke into its separate parts and fought one another to the point of total annihilation.  

The victory for God’s people was so complete that all they had to do was go down and take the spoils of war.  It took three days to carry all of it off.  On the fourth day, they had a great service of thanks to God. Faith and trust worked a greater victory than the army of Judah could have,