The Parable Of The Lavish Father

Have you heard of Jesus’ parable of the lavish Father? No? This father is the hero of one of Jesus’ most beloved parables, sharing the stage with several other unforgettable characters. 

This father shares the story with his ungrateful and wasteful son, to whom he had given a massive fortune as his inheritance. This son then led an immoral life that caused him near total moral and physical ruin before he came to his senses and returned home. At one point, his son had to work for a heartless pig farmer who didn’t even feed this hired hands properly. 

Later, he shares the stage with his other son who proved to be petulant, rude, resentful and accusing. You may know this father and his two boys from the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

But the real hero of the story is the father — the generous, giving and forgiving father. After providing a good upbringing for his boys, he willingly gives them their large inheritance early—which one of them promptly uses to wreck himself. Then, he expectantly waits for that same wayward son to come home. When he does come home, the father generously gives his broke and broken boy clothes, gifts, and a great welcome with a huge reception worthy of a visiting dignitary. Then he leaves this happy, happy gathering to console and invite back in his other son who is angry at his father for receiving back his brother with such ease and graciousness. 

Behold the Father, Our Heavenly Father — generously providing, expectantly waiting, fully receiving and graciously entreating.