Let Us Choose To Hear And Speak By Faith

We are currently a nervous and tense society. The level of civil discourse that we are presented and participate in via media and social media is increasingly strident and less civil. A selfish and secular mindset has shaken the pillars of stability that traditional faith and values helped secure. We are left with a world of increasing chaos and uncertainty. Fear and anxiety abound and little of what we hear is shaped by faith. 

Add personal struggles with health, grief, guilt, and disappointment within—the result is that often little of what we say is shaped and directed by faith either. 

As the people of God, we need to be nourished, and to nourish others, by words of faith. This does not mean that we can explain, fix, or even understand all the things wrong in a world were “What is crooked cannot be straightened, and what is lacking cannot be counted.” (Eccl. 1:15). 

Rather than becoming anxious, fearful, bitter, and lashing out like the world, let us turn to God, take refuge in Him and receive and embrace the peace He offers.

We can choose to not feed the fear that Satan is spreading.

We can choose to not speak and act from anxiety. 

We can choose to trust in God and live the way He calls us to live.  

We can choose to love as He calls us to love.

We can choose to serve the way He calls us to serve.

We can choose to hear words of faith and grace and speak them, and spread His peace.