Using Our Devices For Spiritual Growth

Today, nearly all of us have some kind (or many kinds) of digital device(s). Laptops, smart phones, tablets, book readers etc. We even see them used in worship and Bible classes. These can be great tools for spiritual purposes (our sermons here are recorded on a phone, the slides advanced with a tablet, and most of teaching material here produced on a laptop). Spiritually, ow can we get the most out of these tools?  

Bible. Read the book; study the book, and follow along with the scriptures in class or worship with your device. Use online tools and spiritual websiteswith good content for edification and sharing.  

Prayers and Concerns. Do you have a paper notebook with you at all times? Probably not. But do you have you phone and a way to store notes?  Keep an updated list of things to keep in mind and in prayers on your device. 

Listen. There are so many good things that you can listen to with your device. Sermons from afar. Teachings of the past. Good things of the present available any time of day to download or to stream. 

Let this remind us that the internet is not just full of filth and frivolous diversions — it also contains a wealths enrichments, helps and education if we point our devices in the right way and with a view to holiness. 

Keep In Touch. Text, call, email or message folks you know. Facebook, tweet, Insta-whatever, Pin, good content, encouragements and invitations to wider audiences of people you know, or have some digital connection to. Does this replace face to face contact? No, but can nice supplement it. 

Do all things for the glory of God. That includes all digital things as well.