All God’s Promises Are True

Think of all the comforts of God’s word. In an unstable and shifting world that are not many thing that we can rely on with absolute certainty. Only God is constant and true. His words and promises are a “strong encouragement” and the hope that we base on them are “an anchor of the soul...both sure and steadfast.” (Heb. 6:18,19)  

Yet even as we take comfort in the surety of God’s promises for help and good, we make take with equal seriousness all His promises that warn of punishment. So often we like to think of only the nice things. This is illustrated in the fact that poll after poll shows that a much greater number of people believe in heaven than in hell, even though we have equal evidence and authority for both. Jesus often speaks of rewards and punishments in the same sentence, yet only one is remembered.  But His promises of curses and consequences are just as sure as His promises of blessings and rewards. 

Both the righteous goodness and righteous severity of God has been equally spoken and equally proven. All of God’s word is confirmed. Will those living by the gospel faith go to heaven? Surely they will.  Will those who are not obedient to it go to hell? Just as surely they will also. Salvation and condemnation are based on the same sure word of God. The scriptures, history and experience all confirm that we must give heed to all that God has said. Let His word be a dreadful and fearful thing to those who won’t live by it – and let them not ignore it – even as His word is wondrously comforting to those who will live by it.