Out Of Egypt I Called My Son

Hosea 11:1 “When Israel was a youth I loved him, And out of Egypt I called My son.”

God’s call of His people from Egypt is mentioned scores of times in the Old Testament. 

It is mentioned as a reminder to Israel of why they were a nation in their own land. (Lev. 25:38; Josh. 24:17). It is brought up when they were given ethical instructions, including not having an unjust balance (Lev. 19:36) not selling a brother into slavery (Lev. 25:42), nor being proud (Deut. 8:24). It was brought up in matters of faithfulness, such as not listening to those who speak contrary to God (Deut. 13:5).

God also said He brought them out of Egypt to show both the Egyptians that He is God (Ex. 7:4) and so that Israel would also know that “I am the Lord your God” (Ex. 6:7 29:46). 

They were also brought out so that they might “be a people for His own possession” (Deut. 4:20) and to show them God loved them (Duet. 4:37; 7:8; Hos. 111:1). Also to show them that He kept the oath He made wth their forefathers (Deut. 7:8). And so that they could come and worship Him (Ex. 9:13) because they could not do so in the land of Egypt. 

Consider the parallels to us being called from sin to serve the living God:  we should always remember it; we are reminded of this glorious thing scores of times; it has great ethical implications for us; our remembrance of it affects our faithfulness and who we should listen to; it was for His own purposes because He loves us and wants us to worship Him; and it demonstrates that He is God and He has made us a people for His own possession. Let us give Him thanks and praise that He loved us and called us.