John 11: Cemetery Words (6) How He Loved Him

When Mary went to the cemetery, many others went along, thinking they’d go mourn with her. Instead, they got a front row seat to extraordinary things. 

Like her sister, when Mary met Jesus, she said, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died” (vs. 32). This set her to crying again, along with the mourners. 

Face to face with the reality of the grief of faithful people, Jesus was fully overcome with emotion. “He was deeply moved and troubled in spirit” (vs. 33). Then He wept as He followed them to the grave. 

We are as often captivated by the simple statement “Jesus wept” (vs. 35) even more so sometimes than the display of His power in raising of Lazarus a few minutes later. In His weeping, He’s fully commiserating with us in our deepest griefs. Jesus isn’t just passing through the cemetery—He’s fully there with us. 

Many couldn’t help but notice, “How He loved Him” (vs. 36). But others wondered, “Couldn’t He have kept this man from dying?” (vs. 37). Yes, He could have—and they’d soon see He could even do more than that.