Something To Give

In Mark chapter 6, large crowds people rushed to a deserted place on short notice because the knew Jesus was going there. Even though Jesus had chosen that “secluded place” to go “rest for a while” (Mark. 6:31), when Jesus and the disciples got there there was a large crowd. 

Jesus did not show aggravation or disdain for them interrupting His planned R&R, instead, “He felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them many things” (vs. 34). Jesus gave what He had—and what was most valuable—His time, attention and teaching. 

When it was “already quite late,” his disciples expressed other concerns in saying that these folks should be sent away “that they may go…and buy themselves something to eat” (vs. 35,36). Jesus told them “You give them something to eat!” (vs. 37). They objected saying that they didn’t have enough money or food, and were only able to come up with a few small loaves and a couple of fish. From these, Jesus fed the 5,000 until all were satisfied and “twelve full baskets” of left-overs were taken up (vs. 43). 

Did the apostles learn that in and with Jesus they always had something to give? Did the baskets full of left-overs that each one of them now held tell them something about the fullness and generosity of His provision? No, they didn’t go handing out loaves in His name all the time, but He did promise “rivers of living water” would flow from the “innermost being” of those who “believe in Me” (Jn. 7:38). Let us all learn that in Jesus, we always have something to give.