The Greatest Bible Study Ever

Luke 24:27“And beginning with Moses and with all the pro-phets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.”

On the day of the resurrection, two discipline (one name Cleopas, the other unnamed) were making the seven mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were talking about Jesus and the recent events when Jesus, whose identity was in some way hidden from them, joined them as they travelled.  

After Jesus asked them to explain further, they spoke of thegreat expectations that they had for him, and the early reports of His resurrection and that His body was gone..

Jesus then spent the rest of the journey explaining to them the things about Himself that were in “all the scriptures.” This phrase can be taken as either He spoke to them about “all the scriptures” that spoke of Him, or He outlined what “all the scriptures” taught.  

It was a 7 mile walk, so maybe a journey of 2 hours or so, so He had some time to explain things to them, but still, since there are over 300 prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament, He probably didn’t cover every one of them. But He open their eyes to what “all the scriptures” said — that He can just as prophesied bringing forgiveness to the people and their hope in him was well justified. What a study of scriptures was, as Jesus Himself explained the mysteries hidden God from the beginning in detail that had never been done.